I'm a big believer that one size doesn't fit all, we all need help differently, which is why I limit the number of clients I work with so I can provide focused, one-on-one attention to help you get on camera confidently and comfortably. It's also why you'll find no packaged hours here, because you may not need all of them. 

I work with irreverent women who're motivated to get their butts on camera and make a difference in the world, in their business, and to their audience. I provide a safe space to explore any blocks, fears or questions around video, along with training so you can learn exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • We'll get to know each other on our first full call (90 mins) and we'll chat further about how many sessions I think you need for the needs you have
  • Video calls via Skype
  • Regular sessions are 45 minutes @ £125 per session

Let's chat

We'll start with a free 15-minute call, which gives you the opportunity to ask your questions about the process and allows us to see if we get on well enough to work together. Click the button below and fill out the form to see if coaching with me might be right for you.


Got Q's? I've got A's!

How do I set up my lights?

How do I add text to my videos?

How do I upload a video to Instagram?

How do I set up my camera?

... insert your question here

I've spent a long time training and working in the professional television industry. I've also spent time making videos for me and for past clients, so I know I can walk you through any questions you have .

We'll discuss the scope of this in our first call, a free 15 minute complimentary call to check I can actually help you with the kind of questions you're coming up against and then you're free to ask away! I'll share a special email address for you to use and then it's down to you to start creating and hitting those walls so I can help you out!

4 Qs per month: £75
2 Qs per month: £55
1 Q per month: £25