018: The No.1 Thing You Need To Know About Video

I have some opinions on video, you may have noticed if you’ve been listening for a while. Some of those opinions aren’t mainstream, and I use this podcast to work through and discuss my feelings about video and being on camera. I’m still figuring out some of my viewpoints, so this episode is likely to be something I revisit in the future as my opinions change over time, but I am a-okay with that because that’s how things should be.

Today, however, I want to talk about my feelings about video right now. I want to share the number one thing I think you need to know about video, the most important piece of the video puzzle.

001: Why Video Matters

Everybody's talking about video, but do you know why video works? In this, the first episode of Video Matters, I'm talking about why it really really does. I'll cover how video impacts audiences, some surprising stats you may not know, and provide a gentle smackdown on why you need to start now. I'll also fill you in on what you can expect from the Video Matters podcast in future.