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011: Vanessa Smith on Using Live Video To Connect

I had an amazing chat with Vanessa Smith about how she's used live video in a previous business, and how she's planning on incorporating it into her new coaching business.

Her insights into the mindset required, the innovative content ideas, and the deep underlying belief she has that connection is the most important thing made this a dream convo. 

Take a listen to hear what she had to say about using live video to create a genuine connection with your audience.


007: Halley Gray on Using Humour To Stand Out

I'm super excited to share the chat I had with Halley Gray of Evolve + Succeed about how she uses humour to help her biz stand out. It was one of the first things I noticed about her (along with her enthusiastic use of the f-bomb and hilarious gifs), so y'know, it obviously works.⠀

We chatted about how she's using video for her business, what her expectations were and what actually happened (not quite the same thing), and broke down how to use humour to help you stand out. Because it's not a joke, it really does work, and Halley's done the math to prove it.⠀

Take a listen to hear how humour impacts her conversions, and maybe take away some new ways of doing things that'll help yours.