017: Adventures In Livestreaming

I’m going to be approaching this week’s episode a little differently. I recently had a conversation with a friend about livestreaming and I had a bit of revelation, because I seriously like livestreaming and I really wasn’t expecting that. So I thought I’d talk a bit about my personal experiences around livestreaming and that shift from so scared I was shaking to calm, confident enjoyment in the hopes it might inspire you to start livestreaming too.


015: 5 Myths About Being On Camera

I’m loving today’s topic, because getting people to go on camera can sometimes be like dragging them kicking and screaming towards a scary thing. A rollercoaster, I’m afraid of rollercoasters so it’s like dragging me literally kicking and screaming towards a rollercoaster. I have no shame in that situation, I’m going all out to never get on that thing even though I feel like I should, and that feels a bit like the people who want to get on camera but aren’t. So I’m digging into some of the lies people believe about being on camera, maybe you believe some or all of them too. These are by no means exhaustive, I wanted to keep this episode short and sweet after all … insert cheeky winky face here.

mindset, performance

010: Video For Introverts

One of the things I hear a lot is people saying they can’t do video because they’re an introvert. They’re too introverted to be able to get on camera. And to that, I say bullsh*t. I’m calling bullsh*t on that excuse, in a totally loving way of course. But bullsh*t. 

I think part of the reason why people say they’re too introverted for video is because there’s a general misunderstanding out there of just what being introverted really means. So in today's episode, I'm talking about what being an introvert really means, and why it shouldn't stop you getting on camera.

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009: Being Yourself On Camera

You'd think that something as simple as being ourselves would make showing up on camera authentically super easy. Ha, how wrong you would be! Because we are not single layer cakes of chocolatey goodness, we're multi-facted humans, complex, emotional, slightly nuts, and each of us completely unique, and how we show up is dependent on a lot of factors. So in this episode I'm talking about how to show up as yourself on camera in a way that's authentic to you.


008: Why You're Not Getting On Camera

Video’s great for making you feel terrible and then kicking you in the vag when you're down, because it requires you to be vulnerable and there’s very few of us that like that feeling when the stories we tell ourselves are yelling at us to back away slowly with our hands in the air. So today’s ep is all about the common stories we tell ourselves about why we aren’t getting on camera.