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020: Rachel Brenke on Copyright Issues In Video


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Rachel Brenke

Rachel Brenke is the founder of the Business Bites podcast, and several successful legal niche brands including TheLawTog®, FitLegally, and BlogLegally. She is also a mother of five, wife to an Army Veteran, practicing lawyer, author, photographer, cancer survivor, and Team USA Athlete.

Through her podcast, brands, and 1-on-1 services, Rachel helps creative entrepreneurs with business strategy and legal needs such as business formation, contract drafting, and business and intellectual property law. As an entrepreneur in each of these industries, Rachel has a pulse on the pain points and needs of these fellow entrepreneurs.



Tors Grantham

Tors is a television professional, who studied all aspects of television production before launching her career spanning almost a decade. She's worked with a BAFTA nominated production team, has her own entry on, and has even walked the red carpet several (terrifying) times.

She's had chips thrown at her by David Tennant (it was an accident, he's got terrible aim), she's interviewed some amazing actresses, and she attended the cast and crew screening of Empire Strikes Back at the grand old age of four. 

Now she lives in south Wales with a large dog and a small cat, where she uses the knowledge she gained in her television years and beyond, to help online biz owners step in front of the camera and connect with their audience.


In this episode

Did you know there's copyright issues around video that could get you in trouble? Oh yeah, there's stuff here you really need to know about.

In this week's episode I chat to lawyer, Rachel Brenke, about stuff you should know to keep out of legal trouble. Take a listen to learn what to look for, what the penalties could be, and how to make sure you stay on the right side of the law.

Topics Discussed

  • The problems with learning about the legal stuff

  • What is copyright and why do people care about it so much

    • The difference between a trademark and copyright

  • What is intellectual property

  • How copyright works across international borders

    • What can you do if your stuff gets stolen

  • How to make sure what you want to use is something you can use

    • What to do if you can’t use something

  • Copyright to look for around video

    • Background items, clothing and props

    • When you can use copyrighted items in video

  • Working with an attorney

  • Stock website licensing agreements

    • Permissible uses

    • Governing law

  • Copyrighting our own stuff

Rachel said

"If you didn’t create the video or image or logo, or you don’t have some sort of license in play that gives you permission to use it, you can get hit with some pretty hefty fines." - Rachel Brenke on #videomatterspodcast

"Take a step back and think about how would you feel if you worked hard on creating something and someone turned around and was using it for profit, it feels wrong and it is wrong." - Rachel Brenke on #videomatterspodcast

"As a mother, I teach my kindergarteners and my kids you don’t just take something that’s somebody else's, so why is that such a foreign concept for adults?" - Rachel Brenke on #videomatterspodcast

"In the USA, copyright & infringement defence can be about $50,000 if not more, and that’s not including the damages you’d have to pay. Is that image really worth $50,000?" - Rachel Brenke on #videomatterspodcast

"You should be knowledgeable about why certain steps or actions are being taken because at the end of the day you’re the CEO, you’re the owner, & you need to be educated enough." - Rachel Brenke on #videomatterspodcast

"I always recommend taking the steps to find out what copyright registration benefits are, you’ll have a stronger legal argument with that, & stick it into your typical workflow." - Rachel Brenke on #videomatterspodcast

"The way that things are going it’s not if your intellectual property’s going to get stolen, it’s when. It will happen, most of the time it’s not malicious, but it will happen." - Rachel Brenke on #videomatterspodcast

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Did you know there's copyright issues around video that could get you in trouble? In this week's episode of the #videomatterspodcast, I chat to lawyer, Rachel Brenke, about stuff you should know to keep out of legal trouble