007: Halley Gray on Using Humour To Stand Out


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Halley Gray

Halley Gray is the CEO and marketing strategist of Evolve and Succeed™. She's the host of Drunk Webinars (where the smart people of the internet come to spill secrets) and Braless on Couch Show (the only bra-optional business show on the internet). She's the creator of Be Booked Out™, an 8 week program that helps service providers get booked out for months in advance.



Tors Grantham

Tors is a television professional, who studied all aspects of television production before launching her career spanning almost a decade. She's worked with a BAFTA nominated production team, has her own entry on, and has even walked the red carpet several (terrifying) times.

She's had chips thrown at her by David Tennant (it was an accident, he's got terrible aim), she's interviewed some amazing actresses, and she attended the cast and crew screening of Empire Strikes Back at the grand old age of four. 

Now she lives in south Wales with a large dog and a small cat, where she uses the knowledge she gained in her television years and beyond, to help online biz owners step in front of the camera and connect with their audience.


In this episode

I'm super excited to share the chat I had with Halley Gray of Evolve + Succeed about how she uses humour to help her biz stand out. It was one of the first things I noticed about her (along with her enthusiastic use of the f-bomb and hilarious gifs), so y'know, it obviously works.⠀

We chatted about how she's using video for her business, what her expectations were and what actually happened (not quite the same thing), and broke down how to use humour to help you stand out. Because it's not a joke, it really does work, and Halley's done the math to prove it.⠀

Take a listen to hear how humour impacts her conversions, and maybe take away some new ways of doing things that'll help yours.

Topics Discussed

  • Creating a brand that stands out

  • Using humour

  • How doing stand-up has impacted Halley's videos

  • Why she switched from an audio podcast to a Facebook live show

  • Live vs pre-recorded

  • Swearing and gender biases

  • Halley’s video making process

  • Drunk webinars

  • Getting on camera

Halley Said

Using humour increases conversions by at least 12% from what we’ve found - Halley Gray on #videomatterspodcast

Just changing the way you talk about things keeps people’s brains engaged, so humour's a great way to keep people engaged because they’re entertained - Halley Gray on #videomatterspodcast

Video just helps people relate to you better and trust you more, someone seeing my face on video is more effective than someone hearing my voice on audio - Halley Gray on #videomatterspodcast

The watchability of the replay decreases the more you engage with the live viewers but the connection you create with your live viewers is much higher - Halley Gray on #videomatterspodcast

To make connections in the business world, it’s not about exchanging business cards, it’s about having fun with somebody - Halley Gray on #videomatterspodcast

I honestly thought that if I did a Facebook Live show I would get 1,000 subscribers every day ... that didn't happen - Halley Gray on #videomatterspodcast

I used to think all video was equal when it came to its purpose and its outcome, and it’s really not so you just want to be careful about what you’re using and why you’re using it - Halley Gray on #videomatterspodcast

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007: Halley Gray on Using Humour to Stand Out - Video alone isn't really enough to stand out, but combine it with humour and you can end up with a brand that's memorable, entertaining, and profitable. Today I'm talking to Halley Gray, CEO of Evolve + Succeed on how she uses humour in her business to help her stand out