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021: How Much Does Video Cost?

I thought I’d hit the ground running for all you listening who’re planning to do video as part of your New Years Resolution, because the cost of video may be putting you off. Or at least giving you second, third or maybe fourth thoughts. So I thought I’d address something I see come up quite a lot: the cost of video.


018: The No.1 Thing You Need To Know About Video

I have some opinions on video, you may have noticed if you’ve been listening for a while. Some of those opinions aren’t mainstream, and I use this podcast to work through and discuss my feelings about video and being on camera. I’m still figuring out some of my viewpoints, so this episode is likely to be something I revisit in the future as my opinions change over time, but I am a-okay with that because that’s how things should be.

Today, however, I want to talk about my feelings about video right now. I want to share the number one thing I think you need to know about video, the most important piece of the video puzzle.


017: Adventures In Livestreaming

I’m going to be approaching this week’s episode a little differently. I recently had a conversation with a friend about livestreaming and I had a bit of revelation, because I seriously like livestreaming and I really wasn’t expecting that. So I thought I’d talk a bit about my personal experiences around livestreaming and that shift from so scared I was shaking to calm, confident enjoyment in the hopes it might inspire you to start livestreaming too.

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016: Why Your Videos Suck

Let’s chat about something everyone worries about, why your videos suck. I know, I’m hitting you where you hurt today, but I promise it’s all going to be okay.

What no one really tells you is that your videos are supposed to suck when you first start out. Everyone’s do, and you’re no different. This isn’t likely to be one of those things where you’re magically good at it on the first try, and if you are one of those people where a lot of things are magically easy for you then this is going to be a shock to the system. But I want you to understand that just because your videos suck, that doesn’t mean they’ll always suck.


015: 5 Myths About Being On Camera

I’m loving today’s topic, because getting people to go on camera can sometimes be like dragging them kicking and screaming towards a scary thing. A rollercoaster, I’m afraid of rollercoasters so it’s like dragging me literally kicking and screaming towards a rollercoaster. I have no shame in that situation, I’m going all out to never get on that thing even though I feel like I should, and that feels a bit like the people who want to get on camera but aren’t. So I’m digging into some of the lies people believe about being on camera, maybe you believe some or all of them too. These are by no means exhaustive, I wanted to keep this episode short and sweet after all … insert cheeky winky face here.


014: What Is Confidence?

It’s probably not a surprise to you to hear that helping people with confidence is a thing I like to do, specifically confidence around getting on camera. But what I love about confidence on camera is that it translates to everywhere else. Once you start working on your confidence the results aren't confined to just the area you’re working on, it has a ripple effect, and those are the bomb … pun intended because I really do have that childish a sense of humour.