The Video Coach

Tors Grantham

Great interviews start with great guests

Since you're here, I figure I've got that part down.

The next step is great audio. I want you to sound the best you possibly can, and as an audio editor great audio is really important to me. So if you're using your iPhone earbuds, and are able to, please upgrade to a headset - something like the Logitech Clearchat will work just fine and won't break the bank.

I'll be using a Skype recorder so I have a back-up, but I ask all my guests to record their own audio because that's how you get great sounding interviews. I've put together a handy dandy checklist to help ensure your audio is the best it can be, you can grab it here.

And, finally, we need a show. So let's chat about that.

Podcastology is a little different to most interview-format podcasts. If you've ever listened to NPR's TED Radio Hour then you'll be a little more familiar with how it'll end up. Podcastology focuses on a single interview per episode, but is pieced together with narrative by me throughout. This means that everything you say could potentially be used, from your first hello to the final goodbye.

What that means is that sometimes I'll introduce my guests and sometimes my guests will introduce themselves. I'll ask you for what I need before we get started, and my format has a very distinctive close which I'll ask you to participate in. Don't panic, that just means asking you to say 'okay' and then 'what's next'.

And if you feel the need to curse and swear, let 'er rip, this is an adult-language show and comes with the E for explicit.

The interview itself will be very conversational, I'm interested in pursuing lines of query that help my audience get the most out of their own podcast so I'm going to ask questions based on what you say throughout. And there will be specific questions I want to cover, some of which are standard and some will be specific to you. Below are the standard questions, so you can ruminate on them and pull together answers. I'll send over specific questions I have for you once you're all booked in, and, like I said above, I'll ask questions based on your answers throughout our interview.

+ What was your reason for starting your podcast?

+ What were you hoping your podcast would do for your business?

+ What were you hoping your podcast would do for you?

+ What were you hoping your podcast would do for your audience?

+ How has your goals for your podcast changed since starting it?

+ How are you using your podcast to meet your business goals?

+ How has that changed?

+ What's your podcasting process?

+ How does podcasting fit into your content strategy and editorial calendar?

+ What's the end goal of each podcast episode?

+ What's your top tip to beginner podcasters who want to use their podcast to support their business?

I'll call you on Skype at the scheduled time. My Skype username is torsgrantham, please be online and available ready to dive right in. This will be an audio only interview but a video Skype call, so don't feel the need to dress up (but pants would be appreciated).

Recording: By participating in the Podcastology podcast interview, you agree to allow Tors Grantham to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow Tors Grantham to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.