Connecting With Video

We all crave connection. As coaches, course creators, and creatives, being able to connect with our audience through video is more important than ever, but getting there can feel impossible. I'm here to tell you it doesn't have to be.

Limiting Beliefs

Some of us have spent most of our lives telling ourselves stories about our value, our looks, our knowledge, and our courage. This mindset is painful, but it keeps us safe. Unfortunately, it also keeps us small. Now's the time to step up to the camera and go big.

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On-Camera Presence

I believe that how you show up on camera can make the difference in how successful your content is. But getting on camera can often bring out behaviours that slow down, or outright block that connection with the audience, and nobody wants that.

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plan, film, edit

You can't make videos without, y'know, learning to make videos. There's more to it than picking the right camera, there's a whole language around video that we're all familiar with but many don't know how to properly use, which can result in saying things we don't mean.

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