Sometimes the part that sounds the easiest is actually the hardest. It certainly was for me.

It took me years to get over my fear of going on camera, which is why I'm sharing the 5 simple strategies I used (and still use) to help me get my shit together, so that you can start growing your audience with video. These are easy, actionable steps you can take to get yourself on camera, for FREE. No eggs required.


As a digital small business owner, there's never been more pressure to get on camera. Livestreams, YouTube, social media algorithms, all calling your name and demanding your content.

It's resulted in a lot of conversations around equipment, like the one in this video. But, to be honest, that's the wrong conversation to have.

It doesn't matter what you film on or where you post it, they will not come if your content doesn't connect.

Nerves have the biggest impact on content. And let's not ignore the elephant in the room, when you're so nervous you won't get on camera in the first place.

Let's be real, that's no longer an option. Which is why I focus on your confidence, it impacts everything.


Get Your (Video) Learn On