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Happy Hour

ditch video overwhelm with an hour-long power session (and a cocktail)


video's the latest hot thing for your business

only you feel like a hot mess

If there's one thing guaranteed to cause overwhelm it's video, between the lights and the backdrop (that you don't know how to use), and struggling not to sound like a moron, it's a wonder anyone gets on camera in the first place. But you can't deny that video's powerful, Hollywood wouldn't be worth a highball if it wasn't. 

But wanting to do video and actually doing video? Well those are two very different things, and sometimes you just want a girlfriend to take you by the hand, sit you down with a drink, and help you get to the bottom of things. Happy Hour does exactly that, it's an hour long deep dive into your biggest blocks or obstacles around video, BYO cockail. We'll look at where you're excelling and where you need a little more guidance, we'll also work out three action steps that'll get you moving or improve your videos so you can hit the ground running, instead of hitting the bottle. So let's have a chat and get you back on track.

Things we can talk about:

  • Getting on camera
  • Planning and scripting
  • Equipment needs
  • Equipment set-up
  • Filming
  • Editing
  • Performance


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what's included ...


The Ultimate DIY Video Cocktail to help you take stock (pdf)


An hour long deep dive Skype Q&A session


3 action steps you can take to move forward


Audio recording of our call for you to refer back to


This is for you if ...

  • you don't know what to do to start filming
  • you want to improve the quality of your videos
  • you're looking for a shot of confidence, straight up
  • video just confuses the hell out of you

How IT Works ...



Complete the questionnaire and book by credit card



Schedule your session (link in confirmation email)



Prepare some questions (The Ultimate DIY Video Cocktail can help)


When your appointment arrives, I'll call you on Skype

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Before I worked with Tors, I had already made a few videos for my business, but I wasn't happy with the quality. The videos felt very DIY and far from the polished, professional work I wanted to show. Editing was a chore and basically clicking buttons to see what worked, my scripts were long-winded, and my body language awkward. It was uncomfortable just watching myself back. Most importantly, I didn't know WHAT was missing to take my videos to a more polished level.

Enter Tors. Just two weeks after our call, I submitted a much more polished video to a big online community - and was accepted as one of their first YouTube contributors! I 100% attribute the increase of video quality to my work with Tors. She gave me a loving smackdown to get over my fear of publishing videos, helped me with the technical side of things to make the videos more professional, and gave me great tips on the post-production side so the videos would not only represent the high quality of service I give to my clients, but also have fun elements of my personality and brand!