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Hey Gee Vee Wannabe

Want more video for no extra effort?

Stupid question, right?


you're doing all those livestreams but you're still struggling to create content for social

Not everyone can be like Gary Vee, but you can


We all know the key to growing your biz is to grow your audience, but creating content that's engaging for social is such a fucking pain in the butt.

There's nothing like video for engagement, but it's time consuming and costly, right?

Nope. What if you could maximise your video output with minimal input?

Sounds amazing, right?

That's where repurposing comes in. Your talking head videos, your livestreams and your Insta Stories, all perfect for reusing over and over again to help increase brand awareness, grow your audience and rocket those conversions upwards.

And the best part?

You're already doing everything you need to do in order to make this work.

It's a no brainer, right?

Every month we'll take the video content you're already creating and turn it into something designed for your social channels. No extra filming, no fuss.

What you get

12-15 videos per month designed for social platforms

Increased awareness of your brand

Reinforcing your expertise

Project management

Monthly analytics report

Full access to our library of resources to help your video content creation be as simple, easy and stress free as poss

Full transcriptions for unscripted content

All video editing, including on-screen text (just like Gary Vee)

Updated brand guidelines (mini-brand guidelines for new clients)

To feel like Gary Vee

An experienced editor and storyteller making editorial decisions about your content to help your video reach the goal you set for it

How it works

Save Your Spot

click the red button and fill out the attached questionnaire to reserve your spot on our calendar

Show me the money

Pay by credit card, easy peasy. If you've never worked with me before, I'll also send you a link to my calendar in your confirmation email, so you can book yourself in for a chat NB: this carries an additional one-off fee of £147

New clients only!

We'll jump on a 1hr Skype call to cover all things video content, vision, branding and idea generation

Gimme the good stuff

You send over your video content via Dropbox (I'll send you the deets on the folder ahead of time) within the deadline we agreed upon

Gettin' it done

We'll take your video content and send back transcriptions if no scripts already exist

Mark it up baby

You highlight the sections you want chopped up into itty bitty social sharing videos

Work our magic

We'll go do our thang and deliver you up to 3 social sharing videos per week, ready for you to spread the word

Health check one-two-three

At the end of every month you'll get a short, sweet, actionable and understandable analytics report on how your vids have been performing, along with suggestions on where to improve

Save Your Spot (Again)

You'll be asked shortly before the end of your contract if you want to extend, if you don't respond within 48 hours your spot will go to someone else so keep an eye out for that email!


Tors has created a library of video content I can use again and again to attract leads and drive sales. The ROI has been massive and working with her is one of the best business investments I've made.



Ready to get started?



This is for you if :

+ You're a livestream superstar wanting to make those puppies work harder for you

+ You want to grow your audience using social media

+ You're sick and tired of trying to come up with new content for your social media channels

+ You want your video to work smarter, instead of you working harder


this isn't for you if :

+ You hate going live

+ Or you livestream so rarely you don't have enough content to make 12-15 videos from

+ You hate video in general, so you just don't do it

+ You have no clear brand for your business

Want in?


  • £1,450/mo

  • Up to 3 social sharing videos per week (that's 12-15 per month)
  • Transcripts of all unscripted content
  • Monthly analytics report
  • Month to month agreement
  • No guarantee of continued availability
  • New clients will need to pay an additional one-off fee of £147


  • £4,225/qtr

  • Up to 3 social sharing videos per week (that's 12-15 per month)
  • Transcripts of all unscripted content
  • Monthly analytics report
  • 3 monthly agreement
  • Guaranteed availability on our calendar
  • New clients will need to pay an additional one-off fee of £147

Got Q's? Cos I've got A's

How do I know if I'm a good fit for Gee Vee Wannabe?

If you're using livestreams, Instagram Stories or Snapchat to engage your audience on social media then this is perfect for you. All that video you're creating is currently doing not an awful lot for you once you hit end broadcast, this is a way to get it out in front of more people with minimum effort on your part.

If you're not sure your question is a good fit, drop me a line to check before booking.

I know it's called Gee Vee Wannabe but what if I don't want my videos to look like his?

Short answer? They don't have to.

One of my superpowers is taking your brand and translating it into video, so while there may be some similar elements to Gary Vee's video (like the text on screen), everything else is all you baby.

And if that's not your bag that's a-okay. The point of this is to come up with something that represents you, so if this style isn't gonna jive with yours then we'll make something that does.

Do you do prep work before we start working together?

Of course! Full disclosure, I'm going to legally stalk you through your social media accounts and have a snoop around your website.

This is because I want to make sure I have a good feel for who you and your business are, who your audience is and how best to mesh the two in video form.

I'm a new client, why do I have to pay extra?

We'll need to have a chat about your brand, your biz, your vision, and your style so that I can create something that's tailored to you and that will work. Pretty important stuff. To do that we'll get on video Skype, which comes with an additional one-off fee.

I'm a new client, but I already have video brand guidelines. Do I still have to pay extra?

'Fraid so! Because this isn't just about discovering your brand, this is about figuring out a strategy to start from. We'll determine goals, metrics and content, in addition to brand.


grab your spot now



Not sure it's for you?

I get it, there's a lot to take in. So if you're not sure what's the best option, you got Qs (I got As!) or you want something a leetle more bespoke, then let's have a chinwag about it.

Forms not your thing?
Email me at YO@TORSG.CO

Just give me at least 24 (working) hours to get back to you, sometimes life happens. And Sundays. Sundays happen every week, but I don't work on Sundays.


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