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5 days, 5 simple exercises to help you get past your fear, get on camera, and stop video kicking your arse


Challenge starts

monday, 19th march



Free LIVE Masterclass

friday, 23rd march

4pm GMT, 12pm ET


Ready to kick fears butt & get on camera? The party starts in:

This free challenge will help you:


feel the fear

In order to get on camera you need to get past your fear. Our emotions are created by our thoughts, let me help you identify what's holding you back so you can start moving forward, no liquid courage required.


get clarity

I'll help you get clear on why you can go on camera, what lies you're telling yourself, and get you past those worst case scenarios. I'm going to help you overcome the one thing that stops you when it comes to getting on camera, yourself.


release the kraken

You're not going to be doing all this introspective navel gazing for nothing! I'm going to be sharing how to start getting used to the camera and give you tips on looking profesh as fuck. That's right, the challenge finishes with a challenge!


Plus FREE Masterclass: Register for this challenge now and I'll take it all a step further. Join me for "Delivering Content Like A Pro", a live masterclass, Friday 23rd March at 4pm GMT so I can show you how to start putting your new-found confidence to work when creating videos for your business.