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3 Reasons Why Video Is So Damn Important For Your Business

Not sure if video is something you should take the time to investigate, let alone invest in? Let me convince you

So you’re not sure if video is something you should take the time to investigate, let alone invest in. You’ve seen it take over social media, and you’ve seen its rise on websites, in the increase of webinars and online classes. In PeriscopeMeerkat and Blab’s online success and phenomenal uptake by the masses. But you’re still not sure.

Really? Then let me convince you.

increased reach

Not happy to let YouTube have all the fun, a while back Facebook and Twitter decided to take on the video giant and world’s second largest search engine in the video content uploads stakes. Facebook is kinda winning. In an effort to convince people to post videos natively to its platform, Facebook started boosting the reach of posts that uploaded video content directly to the post, instead of uploading to YouTube and posting the link. Of course, that’s after Facebook reduced organic reach back to almost zero, so that’s a pretty sweet incentive.

Unsurprisingly, the idea worked. Facebook in particular saw a 75% increase in video posts per person, globally, in 2014. It’s estimated around 1 billion videos are watched on Facebook a day, and most will have been uploaded natively to ensure the reach is as good as it can get without cracking out the credit card. According to Social Bakers in Jan 2015, Facebook is seeing more video uploads direct to their platform by brands than YouTube. Job done.

But it doesn’t stop there. It apparently took Twitter two years to reach one million followers. For one of the newer apps on the block, Periscope, it took a mere ten days. Live video streaming is the new black it seems, and Periscope reports that its users consume around 40 years worth of footage a day. The percentage of users who broadcast is thought to be significantly lower than the total, suggesting more people view than broadcast, but given that public speaking is the number one fear people have (over death no less), that’s hardly a shocker.

And, yes, there’s more! The next time you do a Google search for the answer to a question, take a look at the video results. Because of its whizzy algorithm, more and more searches are being returned to include YouTube videos (Google owns YouTube), and those videos can span a decade if the search algorithm determines they’re still relevant. You don’t see many blog posts having the same level of longevity.

Speaking of YouTube, and its backing by parent Google, you can now get YouTube on your tellybox. Making it even easier for your video content to get in front of eyeballs who’ve never clapped peepers on you before. Ditto with iTunes, in case you’re feeling a video podcast coming on.

In terms of reach, video is the best thing you can possibly do for your content and your business, but it’s also the best choice for content in today’s hectic, on-the-go society.

You can read more about my stance on privacy, and what signing up means for your personal data here.

easy to digest content

Let’s face it, your customers are likely to be information hungry but time poor. There’s literally hundreds of signals, messages and flashing icons screaming at them for their attention day in, day out. So what happens when they come across content they want to consume, but have the attention span of a goldfish? They skim. Worse, they may turn around and search YouTube for a video version of it instead. You know why?

Because it’s easier to consume.

With people having an attention span less than a goldfish when it comes to online content, creating your messaging in easy to digest format is just plain good sense – not everybody likes to read, okay? And if they’ve only got 15 minutes to find, read and understand a piece of content that explains a product or service they’re looking to buy, chances are they’re not going to read a 2,000 word blog post. But they would watch a video. Epic content is, yes, epic, but when it comes to helping you sell the product or service of your business, your sales page needs a video.

why your sales page needs a video

You know how your Pops was convinced that he could tell a person’s character from the strength of their handshake and some overly long eye contact? Yeah, that right there is the reason why you need to use video: humanisation.

People forget that businesses are actually people. If more people (and businesses) remembered that then the world would probably be a nicer place. The best way to remind people that there is a real live human, with real live emotions, and a real live personality behind your business is to, y’know, actually show them that. Let them look you in the eye, judge your honesty, worthiness and character for themselves, and then decide to buy with no remorse. Let them have the chance to get to know you, really see your personality, your sense of humour, and what your business means for you, your customers and your community.

So take this opportunity to prove you’re human, and that you make mistakes. Yes, you can’t spell the word supercala ... supercalifraji ... supercalifragalisticexpealidocious, but you can say it. Or you can’t say the word specificity but you can spell it. Whatever silly mistake you make in your communication, don’t be afraid to let the small, harmless things slip through. Let your customers identify with you, relate to you, laugh with you and – eventually – buy from you. You know why? Because they’ll trust you for it.

And that trust?

That right there is why video is so damn important.

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