Hello there!

I'm Tors Grantham

video coach, podcaster, and total nerd


Have you ever looked back at how you got to where you are and it's really just a lot of unconnected coincidences?

I have

Back around 1992, I was introduced to a wonderous new invention: the internet. I can still remember the first site I ever visited (NASA). I was seventeen years old, I had no clue how this invention was going to impact my life or how it would kick start a lifelong love affair with everything online.

My friend, whose dad was the first person I knew to install the internet, didn't stop there. She told me she thought I should go work in television because I liked watching all the behind the scenes featurettes that were sometimes on VHS movies. I thought she was mad, you couldn't just decide to go work in television! Surely you had to be born into a family who worked in television, like royalty. So I did nothing about it.

But this was just the beginning ...

1992 ... ish

The internet blew my mind and was possibly my first love


I was given mandatory communication training by the call centre I was working for, they were big on teaching us how our words and behaviour impacted other people

They also introduced to the Apple Mac and I fell in love all over again


I stole a prospectus to Ravensbourne College that was meant for my sister, and enrolled in a HND in Professional Broadcasting. Turns out my friend was right, it was easier to work in television than I'd thought


Finished college and promptly took off for two years overseas


Moved to London, start working in television


Moved to Cardiff to work with the BBC making behind the scenes programmes for Doctor Who, Torchwood, Being Human and Merlin


Burn out, lose my shit and quit television

After several months of nobody hiring me, I try starting my own content writing business ... it does not go well


Go work in corporate out of sheer desperation for human contact, took a while to adjust. Gave basic media training to an Exec for an on-camera interview and was surprised how much I enjoyed it


Discovered podcasts ... fall in love for the third time


Suffering severe anxiety and panic attacks I lose my shit and quit (again). Started my own business for the second time


Began seriously working on my fear of going on camera, started taking courses on coaching


Pivoted my business from video editing to video coaching, incorporating that communication training I received, taking courses on media training, and bringing in the coaching lessons I'd learned


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