Gotcha covered

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Changing how you think about video
one f-bomb at a fucking time

There's never been more pressure to get on camera. Livestreams, webinars, client calls, YouTube videos, and social media algorithms, all calling your name and demanding your attention.

It's resulted in a lot of conversations around video, like the ones in the video above, but there's a problem with that: those are the wrong things to focus on. It doesn't matter what you film on or where you post it, they will not watch if your content doesn't connect.

And let's not ignore the elephant in the room, when you're so nervous you won't get on camera in the first place. By the way, that was me. My fear of the camera was part of the reason I decided to go work behind the camera in the professional television industry.

But #realtalk, it's no longer an option to hide, not if you want your business to flourish in today's market. Which is why I focus on helping irreverent boss ladies overcome their video blocks, just like I did, so you can get on with growing your business with video.